Fables #132

by Alan Rapp on August 27, 2013

in Comics

Fables #132The news that Rose Red plans to finally accept her destiny as the Paladin of Hope and reconstitute the Round Table spreads like wildfire around Fabletown, the farm, and the furthest reaches of every world where the message is spread. Taking a little time off from her new duty, Rose Red also confronts the still very much alive Prince Brandish with a machine gun leading to a discussion of just how the insane Fable would like to spend his immortality.

Although I’m still waiting to see Arthur and the old Knights of the Round Table (which we may have gotten a tease of here), the issue continues Red Rose’s story and makes something unexpected out of the continued existence of Brandish (something I’m not really in favor of).

It will be interesting to see who signs up for the new Round Table as the story continues to unfold and who Red Rose may have to pressure in to joining their ranks (even Brandish?). The B-story of this issue continues the so-far-failed attempts to reconstruct and resurrect the shattered Bigby. Worth a look.

[Vertigo, $2.99]

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