Fables #133

by Alan Rapp on September 21, 2013

in Comics

Fables #133An impasse between sisters temporarily halts Rose Red‘s new calling as the Paladin of Hope when Snow White discovers her sister is actually considering saving the man who held her captive and killed her husband. While Rose sees Prince Brandish as the perfect attempt to proves second chances can breed positive results, Snow has very definite feelings about never letting the villain loose to do any more harm to any member of her family.

Given the fact that neither will budge, the grudgingly new-formed friendship between the sisters falls apart as Rose decides, for good or ill, to make Brandish part of her new Round Table (even if it costs Rose her family).

Fables #133 presents a strong story in that both sister’s points are valid from their point of view. It also gives us a very un-Disney version of Snow White’s history as the character discusses with her daughter Therese the hard choices she’s need to make over the years to survive. Worth a look.

[Vertigo, $2.99]

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