Flashpoint #5

by Alan Rapp on September 6, 2011

in Comics

flashpoint-5-coverDC’s summer event comes to a conclusion much as I expected it would when it, and the DC Reboot, were first announced. The events in the final issue of Flashpoint lead to the recreation of the DCU, but not without providing a reason (and possible backdoor to return to the current DCU should the rebooted universe be unsuccessful).

Like all the issues of the main Flashpoint mini-series this one focuses primarily on the Flash and Thomas Wayne who helps Barry stop Thayne and allows him to return to our world with a message for his son. The Flash learns it is he, not the Reverse-Flash, who is responsible for Flashpoint, and to return things to normal he will have to sacrifice one of his closest loved ones.

As wrap-ups go this final issue does what it needs to, and does it better than I expected. Is the final moment between Barry and Batman a little too schmaltzy? Sure. Does the look of the rebooted DCU still make me a little queasy? Oh yeah, but this issue works (and gives us a glimmer of hope we haven’t seen the last of the classic DCU). Worth a look.

[DC, $3.99]

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