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by Alan Rapp on March 14, 2011

in Comics

morning-glories-volume-oneA new group of six students, the best and the brightest, make their way to Morning Glories, one of the most prestigious prep schools in the country. They soon find themselves tested, tortured, and locked inside a facility far more insidious than the brochures would have you believe.

Writer Nick Spencer’s tale has been compared to everything from Lost to The Prisoner. For me, if feels much more like a modern teenage take on the later (and thankfully lacks the all the flashbacks of the former). What Spencer and artist Joe Eisma do give us is a tale of dark secrets which aren’t going to be revealed easily about an organization that will do whatever it takes to fulfill its mysterious goals.

Volume One collects the first six-issue mini-series of the now on-going Image Comics title. The story centers around six new students: Casey (the most promising), Ike (the sociopath), Hunter (the nerd), Zoe (the bitch), Jun (the tough silent type), and Jade (the emo chick).

Morning Glories only accepts the best students in the world. They also all have the same birthday: the fourth of May. The first six issues focuses on the students adapting to their new home, and trying to survive and escape. At only $10 the trade paperback is a real bargain (all six issues individually who put you back $21). Definitely worth a look.

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