Godzilla in Hell #1

by Alan Rapp on August 1, 2015

in Comics

Godzilla in Hell #1Written and drawn by James Stokoe, Ishirō Honda‘s creation is sent to Hell (literally) in the first issue of the new series. Without a single word of dialogue, Godzilla in Hell #1 chronicles Godzilla‘s fall deep into the Earth and the monster’s run-in with a variety of nightmarish creatures.

The reasons for Godzilla’s fall aren’t explained. What is the heroic kaiju doing in Hell of all places? Whatever the cause for the monster’s new surroundings, it’s obvious from this first issue that Godzilla has his work cut out for him as his continued descent into Hell continues.

The setting does allow for any number of bizarrely-designed threats Godzilla might encounter. Although I like the look of Godzilla here, his desolate surroundings and nightmarish antagonists don’t do much for me. Readers more geared to horror comics are likely to get far more out of both the first issue and ongoing series than I will. Still, despite not explaining how he got there, Stokoe delivers a brand-new type of Godzilla story fans of the creature may appreciate. For fans.

[IDW, $3.99]

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