Green Hornet #7

by Alan Rapp on November 14, 2013

in Comics

Green Hornet #7Reunited with Kato, the Green Hornet makes a discovery that the wealthy industrialists behind The Voice weren’t working alone as the Hornet finds a way to keep his cover and save the life of a FBI agent while uncovering the fact that the group are receiving orders from a mysterious voice on the other end of the radio. The real villain? Nazis!

As the Hornet gets back to business as usual, big changes are in store for Britt Reid who opens his new radio station and woos Lenore Case away from The Sentinel into joining him not only in that venture but his late night activities with Kato as well.

Personally I’m hoping the radio adventure is short-lived as there’s just something about the character that fits the mold of a newspaper man and the series, in the early issues, have used The Sentinel well by establishing it as another character. Case being introduced to her boss’ secrets begins to widen the network the vigilante can rely on while also laying the groundwork of possible romance down the line. Worth a look.

[Dynamite Entertainment, $3.99]

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