Lord of the Jungle #1

by Alan Rapp on January 22, 2012

in Comics

lord-of-the-jungle-1-coverDynamite Entertainment gives new “uncensored” life to Edgar Rice Burroughs‘ most well-known creation. Fans of Tarzan might want to pick up the first issue given its $1 cover price but I’m not sure there’s enough for any but true die hard Tarzan fans to entice you to come back next month and pick up issue #2 for four times the price.

The first issue of Lord of the Jungle retells Tarzan’s classic origin beginning with Tarzan’s father and pregnant mother stranded on the Atlantic coast of Africa by mutineers. After building a home the Ewoks or the Swiss Family Robinson would be proud of, each of Tarzan’s parents meets a tragic end shortly after his birth. The young baby is adopted by an ape who has recently lost her own son and takes young Tarzan as her own.

Other than the strange half-ape/half-human creatures whom the natives and the apes both fear there’s nothing all that new here. And, sadly, we don’t seen any of Tarzan in action as an adult. For fans.

[Dynamite Entertainment, $1.00]

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