Megamind: Bad. Blue. Brilliant. #2

by Alan Rapp on June 27, 2011

in Comics

megamind-2-coverApe Entertainment’s second issue of this Megamind mini-series gives us three more tales including the continuation of “Minion’s Day Off” where Megamind has unintentionally activated and unused plan of evil to shoot Metro City into space. Whoops! Where’s Minion when you need him? Limboing on the beach, obviously.

In “Bad Minion, Bad” one new experiments goes awry when his newest machine (designed to turn evil people good) has an unexpected effect on Minion – who becomes the new master villain of Metro City. With the help of Roxanne, Megamind tries to track down his sidekick and even attempts to replace him (in an effort to make him jealous), but in the end must face the new master of crime in battle.

The final short tale involves a field trip of school children accidently setting off various inventions in Mega Mind’s lair. Much like with the first issue of the series (but thankfully without a high school story this time around), this one should provide some fun to fans of the character – even if it is grossly overpriced for a comic aimed at younger readers. Worth a look.

[Ape Entertainment, $3.95]

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