Morning Glories #31

by Alan Rapp on September 23, 2013

in Comics

Morning Glories #31Hunter takes center stage as the latest issue of Morning Glories continues to return to the revolving single-character issues following the aftermath of Irina‘s failed coup d’état. With guilt over the death of Zoe (who was killed while trying to kill him – and noticeably isn’t included in the school’s memorial for the fallen students) and several unanswered questions about the dreams and visions he saw with future Jade, Hunter heads to the Morning Glories Academy library hoping to find the poem and yearbook that each played prominent roles in what the young man saw.

Although he finds neither on his search, Hunter does make some new friends in the form of the school’s secret A.V. Club, all of whom have a certain talent for viewing things slightly out of linear time just like Hunter. This leads to a discussion about the difference between dreams and reality.

Morning Glories #31 continues to play with ideas of reality, time, and perception in this issue focused on the character who we’ve met who has the hardest time separating them. Worth a look.

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