Green Lantern #5

by Alan Rapp on January 17, 2012

in Comics

Hal Jordan and Sinestro‘s partnership comes to an end as the pair are able to successfully free Sinestro’s homeworld of Korugar from his Sinestro Corps. Sinestro is good to his word by allowing Jordan to keep a ring, but returns him to Earth without the ability to charge it.

Once again writer Geoff Johns gives us a good Sinestro story but at the cost of Hal Jordan looking more and more like a chump. For a writer who has gone on record as how much he likes Jordan as a character, Johns sure has a lot of fun showcasing how little he knows about using his ring.

I’m not sure any character in the New 52 has fallen as far in terms of stature in his own title as Hal Jordan has. Seriously, why is Johns so intent on turning Hal Jordan into Kyle Rayner – a character who got the ring out of chance and has still never mastered it? Although I like the title, and I’m glad to see that the Hal/Carol relationship is as co-dependent as ever, I’d like for Hal to actually feel like the hero of old. Where is the universe’s greatest Green Lantern? Worth a look.

[DC, $2.99]

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