Justice League #3

by Alan Rapp on November 21, 2011

in Comics

justice-league-new-52-3-coverAfter a promising start I thought writer Geoff Johns and artist Jim Lee lost their way with the series’ second issue, but I’ve got to say this one’s almost everything I wanted it to be. Sure, I’ve got a few minor quibbles (like someone yet again telling Hal how to use his ring) but if the series can deliver this much fun on a monthly basis (and, I’ll admit, that’s a big “if”), I’m going to be very happy.

As Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, and the Flash battle the legions of Parademons invading the Earth a new face joins the fight (after she finishes her first ice cream cone, of course). This Wonder Woman is a warrior born itching for a little action, and when the demons show up she’s more than happy to join the fray – much to the amazement of Hal and Barry.

The open sequence with Wonder Woman, Steve Trevor, and the little girl who introduces her to ice cream might be a tad too cute for my tastes, but once the Amazon joins the fight the comic really picks up. We also get our first look at Aquaman and Cyborg.

There are quite a few casual references scattered throughout (including Professor Ivo and T.O. Morrow) longtime fans of DC Comics should catch, and new fans should note. And in my favorite panel, Johns gives us a great reaction when the Flash realizes that Batman doesn’t actually have any powers. Must-Read.

[DC, $3.99]

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