Larfleeze #1

by Alan Rapp on July 7, 2013

in Comics

Larfleeze #1Honestly the idea of Larfleeze, the greedy Orange Lantern, getting his own comic didn’t really interest me. However, the idea of re-teaming Keith Giffen and J. M. DeMatteis, two of the three men responsible for the insanely awesome late 1980’s Justice League, for the project certainly got my attention. And I’m glad it did.

The entire first issue reintroduces the character of Larfleeze to readers with a prolonged series of untrustworthy flashbacks as Larfleeze and his butler Pulsar Stargrave stare into the abyss of Creation Point waiting to die. The fact that Pulsar doesn’t want to die doesn’t seem to phase Larfleeze whatsoever (although him launching into his life story yet again certainly doesn’t help the butler’s mood).

Throw in a giant energy space dog and you’ve got the makings of a really good first issue, although I’m not totally sold on the art by Scott Kolins (perhaps Kevin Maguire is available?). My interest in this comic has more to do with the people writing it than the character, but (for at least for one issue) that produces the kind of madcap fun the New 52 has been sorely missing. Worth a look.

[DC, $2.99]

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