Nightwing #1

by Alan Rapp on September 22, 2011

in Comics

nightwing-1-coverAfter being disappointed with Dectective Comics #1 and Batgirl #1 (and to a lesser extent Batman and Robin #1) this week seems to be the one where the Bat-books start to make their comeback. Dick Grayson is out of the Bat-suit and back as Nightwing but writer Kyle Higgins makes sure that Dick’s time as Batman wasn’t wasted.

The issue is broken into three parts. The first involves Nightwing taking down a low-rent thug while thinking over his return to the role of Nightwing. This works well to reintroduce readers to the characters as well as a pleasant reminder that Dick’s time under the cowl hasn’t been lost in the DC Reboot.

The second-half of the story, however, was the one that the most pleasant surprise. When I heard the first issue had to do with Dick returning to the circus I was less than enthused. Haley’s Circus returns to Gotham for the first time since the Flying Graysons last performance and Dick’s conflicted feelings about making an appearance remind us, for all his differences, Dick does have a few things in common with Bruce Wayne.

I wasn’t as sold on the last part of the story that has to deal with a new killer in town targeting Dick (and matter-of-factly killing two GCPD officers), not to mention I’m still having issues with the new Nighwing costume (sue me, I miss the blue emblem), but I’m willing to wait and see how things play out.

One thing I thought worked well from both a story and artistic level was how the comic incorporated Dick’s athleticism, acrobatics and circus moves throughout the entire issue without ever making it seem forced. I’m a little scared that the story I liked least is the one that’s going to carry over to the next issue but that’s not going to stop me from picking it up. Worth a look.

[DC, $2.99]

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