Nightwing #2

by Alan Rapp on October 24, 2011

in Comics

nightwing-2-coverBetween two battles with the mysterious Saiko (who is hellbent on killing Dick Grayson), Nightwing reconnects with an old friend from the circus and is given a gift he can’t refuse. Issue #2 continues to reconnect Dick with his roots in Haly’s Circus as well as give Nightwing a new adversary who knows his true identity (which seems like a pattern in the New 52, particularly in the Bat-titles).

Between his battles and inheriting the circus that killed his family, Dick has time to reconnect with a girl from his past aboard one of Bruce Wayne’s private jets. And I do mean reconnect.

This issue is still laying the foundation of who Dick Grayson is, but I would have liked a little more fun. We certainly don’t need another brooding member of the Bat-Family.

The issue works well but I’ll be interested to see how big a part Haly’s Circus plays in the everyday life of Dick Grayson. I’m also more than a little tired of seemingly every new bad guy introduced in the Bat-titles knowing their true identities. The Bat-Family might want to work on that. Worth a look.

[DC, $2.99]

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