Nightwing #5

by Alan Rapp on January 22, 2012

in Comics

nightwing-new-52-5-coverEven Nightwing comments on what an odd single issue adventure he finds himself in when Haley’s Circus comes to New Orleans. What’s so odd? I’m glad you asked. We get a lovesick clown, a voodoo priestess, the summoning of a sonnet-speaking demon, and a sacrificial rite performed (for love) in a New Orleans graveyard.

This certainly isn’t the kind of Nightwing story I want every month, but it works well enough as an unexpected change of pace. It’s also good to show how well Nightwing can think on his feet when presented with a situation he’s not only unprepared for but has very little experience with.

The comic ends with a reveal I won’t spoil here about the true motives of one of the comic’s supporting characters. I’m not sure if its meant to be shocking, but it doesn’t come off as well as I’m sure writer Kyle Higgins planned. There’s simply no shock value turning a character so soon after they have been introduced. Worth a look.

[DC, $2.99]

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