Nightwing #151 – The Great Leap

by Alan Rapp on December 18, 2008

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  • Title: Nightwing #151
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Written by Peter J. Tomasi.  Pencils by Doug Mahake and Shawn Moll.  Inked by Christian Alamy and Rodney Ramos.  Colored by Hi-Fi.  Cover by Georges Jeanty and Karl Story.

“I see the ‘Boy Wonder’ always wondering.”

With the conclusion of Batman R.I.P. that Bat-books move into the next stage with Last Rites.  The latest issue of Nightwing includes a nice confrontation with Two-Face safely locked away in Arkham and ties a few loose ends as the title nears its close.

This issue feels very much like its part of a series trying to wrap-up loose ends before it gets the axe.  Nightwing gets separate goodbye moments with both Carol and Deb.  Our hero also makes a trip to Arkham Asylum to share a less intimate moment with Two-Face in the middle, and strongest, section of the story.

The second half of the book deals with helping the Justice League store the remains of dead heroes underneath the Hall of Justice to keep them safe from Talia and others who might wish to return them to life as weapons to use against the heroes.

The issue ends with Dick Grayson jumping out of a pod 32,000 ft. from earth and spending a quite night with Alfred and Tim.

This issue of Nightwing hit shelves the same week as the latest issue of Detective Comics.  Nightwing plays a prominent role in both, as does Two-Face.  Longtime comic writer and Bat-editor Dennis O’Neil wrote the Detective story, but, and I’m a little surprised to say this, this is the better comic of the two.  As opposed to O’Neil’s tale this one centers around many aspects of Grayson’s life and blends them together pretty well.  It hits all the right notes.  I also like how Tomasi harkens back to Nightwing’s early failure against Two-Face and agree with the idea of building this character into his #1 nemesis, especially if Dick dons the cowl later next year.

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