Scarlet Spider #18

by Alan Rapp on July 2, 2013

in Comics

Scarlet Spider #18Murderous Marvel Team-Up! Last issue the Scarlet Spider was sent to kill Wolverine. In this issue our hero teams up with the X-Man to take on the Assassins Guild. After explaining that Wolverine and (some) of the X-Men were in on the Scarlet Spider’s attack via Aracely‘s telepathy, the two heroes finish faking his death and then set out together to take down and the Guild together (as Aracely stays behind to creep out and/or annoy the rest of the X-Men).

Writer Christopher Yost is in fine form here providing several fun moments between the two heroes including Kaine’s apt description of Logan, Logan’s reaction to Kaine being a clone of Spider-Man, and Wolverine’s reaction to the brilliance of the Scarlet Spider’s plan.

Next month’s issue concludes this arc, but I have really enjoyed Wolverine and Scarlet Spider together and hope we see the pair get another team-up somewhere down the line. (And it’s always interesting to see Wolverine team with someone who is arguably more murderous than he is.) Worth a look.

[Marvel, $2.99]

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