Scarlet Spider #3

by Alan Rapp on March 19, 2012

in Comics

scarlet-spider-3-coverDespite his intentions to do anything else with his life, Kaine finds himself the popular new super-hero of Houston tracking down street criminals just like Spider-Man (okay, not just like Spider-Man), and still trying to find a way to protect the young illegal immigrant from the people who want her dead.

On the Aracely front Kaine gets some help from the hotel’s bartender Annabelle Adams and Dr. Meland but things get far more complicated when Kaine learns the Doctor has a contract on his head from the greiving husband whose wife and child died on the doctor’s table. Even more troubling is the fact that the Assassin’s Guild now knows that Kaine is still alive and exactly where to find him.

Although I’m a little concerned that Kaine doesn’t understand the basic concept of a secret identity (a doctor, cop, bartender, assassin, and a smuggled illegal immigrant all know he’s the Scarlet Spider) things look pretty good for this title with plenty of action and some really good Spidey narration – Kaine-style. Best of the week.

[Marvel, $2.99]

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