Secret Six #32

by Alan Rapp on April 12, 2011

in Comics

The Secret Six continue their journey through Hell, to rescue Knockout and find Ragdoll, and Catman takes a side trip to poke a demon in the eyes and visit someone from his past. I’ll be glad with this storyline is over.

It’s not a bad story, in fact it has a couple nice turns, but every story that takes in Hell, be it DC, Marvel, or any other comic publisher, is limited by design. And too often writers trying to tell a tale in Hell quickly write themselves into a corner. I’m hoping that’s not the case here with Gail Simone, but I’ll admit after two issues I have my doubts.

I’d much rather see the Six back in action in Gotham City than traipsing through the underworld. The storyline I enjoyed most was the all-too-short look into Scandal Savage‘s recent squeeze which seems far more ominous than the team’s struggles down below.

The last panel does give us a bit of a surprise and should make the final issue of this storyline worth reading, but I’ll just be glad when things get back to “normal” for the team. Hit-and-Miss.

[DC, $2.99]

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