Star Wars #17

by Alan Rapp on April 5, 2016

in Comics

Star Wars #17After dropping Aphra off at Sunspot Prison, Leia and Stana Starros run into a bit of trouble when a madman with his own droid asassins shows up and takes over the prison determined to exact a far more brutal form of justice on the inmates.

Trapped in with prisoners, Leia and Starros are forced to make hard decisions on what they will need to do to survive and who they are willing to trust in order to do so.

The other storyline is a bit more lighthearted as Luke wrangles up some smuggling business for the Millennium Falcon after Han loses Rebellion credits while gambling. The ship’s captain is not pleased with the deal Luke makes (only half of the 10,000 credits Han expected), nor the cargo (a herd of skittish Nerfs) or how it brings Imperial TIE Fighters after them.

Although it earns them the cover, Luke and Han’s back-up story, while quite amusing and providing all of the comic’s laughs, is given far less attention than Leia’s latest precarious position. Worth a look.

[Marvel, $3.99]

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