The Authority?

by Alan Rapp on August 21, 2008

in Comics

  • Title: The Authority #1
  • Comic Vine: link

“There’s no world left for them to save.”

Given the events of WildStorm’s big summer crossover Number of the Beast the WildStorm universe is left in shambles and The Authority gets yet another reboot.

The group is back, and that’s the good news.  That they’re stuck in the dismal new world which would make even the sunniest person want to slit their wrists, well, you see, that’s the bad.

The Authority failed.  The Carrier is a big dead rock crashed and fused into the middle of London creating what is referred to as Un-London.  All but the most basic technology is lost and Angie has lost her abilities and techware, monsters rove the streets looking for humans to feed on, and Apollo is forced to live at the very top of the atmosphere to stay alive, apart from his teammates who spend their time looking for those unlucky enough to survived and blaming themselves for the world’s misfortune.  And you don’t even want to know what this reality has done to Jack Hawksmoor.

This depressing introduction does strip the self-proclaimed saviors of mankind down a notch and gives us a new world to explore.

Sadly, from what’s seen here, there’s not much to this world you can’t find in a low budget apocalyptic B-horror flick.  That’s not to say that watching the group get back on their feet and fight to redeem themselves might not be worth the effort, but it does make me question whether I want to pay month after month for it when comic prices are continuing to rise and there are so many other more deserving books out there.

Here’s a curiosity, but little more.  The latest in a slew of reboots of the team.  Longtime fans willing to stick it out may, may, eventually get rewarded, but from what I’ve gleamed so far it’s going to be one long struggle to stay with this one until it starts paying off.

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