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by Alan Rapp on August 23, 2006

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Hey there true believers!  Today the second issue of our Comic Book Shelf edition hits our newsstand.  Want to know what’s getting released today at the old comic shop but too busy, or lazy (not that there’s anything wrong with that), to bother?  Well no sweat Bat-fans as we’ve got the scoop of what comics and graphic novels are hitting the shelves today.

This week’s releases include a re-launching of a new Justice League (again), X-Men, Batman, Daredevil, Claw the Unconquered, The Blue Beetle, The Avengers, Jack of Fables, Loveless, Wolverine and more!

If your looking for graphic novels there’s Green Lantern: The Greatest Stories Ever Told, Hellblazer: Stations of the Cross, Fantastic Four: The Resurrection of Nicholas Scratch, a new hardcover edition of Spider-Man: Kraven’s Last Hunt, and archive collections of Iron Man, Teen Titans, and Promethea

For the full list check inside…

Wonder-Powers Activate!  Here’s what’s hitting the shelves in your local comic book shops today.

DC Comics:

52 #16 – The “What If?” storyline of a DC Universe without Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman continues.  This week Black Adam marries Isis. [$2.50]

Batman #656 – Batman takes on an army of Man-Bats. [$2.99]

Batman and the Mad Monk #1 (of 6) – New mini-series examines the Golden Age adventures as an inexperienced Batman takes on the mysterious Mad Monk. [$3.50]

Blue Beetle #6 – The new Beetle discovers a startling secret about his armor. [$2.99]

Justice League of America #1 – The Justice League is re-launched (again).  This time author Brad Meltzer and artist Ed Benes do the honors.  Available in two different covers and a special edition variant cover as well. [$2.99]

Marvel Comics:

Astonishing X-Men #16 – With all but one of the X-Men down is there any chance of victory against the Hellfire Club? [$2.99]

Daredevil #88 – “The Secret Life of Foggy Nelson” takes a look at Matt Mudrock’s recently deceased best friend. [$2.99]

New Avengers #23 – Spider-Woman finds her role as a double agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Hydra hard to maintain during Civil War. [$2.99]

Ultimates Annual #2 – Bio-terrorist Arnim Zola returns, with only Captain America and the Falcon standing in his way. [$3.99]

Wolverine #45 – Wolverine vs Namor! [$2.99]

Vertigo, Wildstorm & Dark Horse Comics:

Claw the Unconquered #3 – The cursed barbarian warrior takes on a monstrous evil which walks the land drinking the blood of innocents. [$2.99]

Jack of Fables #2 – Jack’s been kidnapped, bloodied, broken, and taken to a prison camp called the Golden Boughs Retirement Village.  What else could go wrong? [$2.99]

Loveless #10 – Bloody Bill terrorizes the town of Blackwater.

Swamp Thing #29 – Swamp Thing is reunited with Abby and Tefe. [$2.99]

Graphic Novels:

Fantastic Four: The Resurrection of Nicholas Scratch – The Salem Seven gather together to resurrect their father and the FF decide to draft an honorary fifth member as a publicity stunt as ten young super-heroes vie for the prize.  Trade Paperback [$14.99]

Green Lantern: The Greatest Stories Ever Told – Some of the greatest adventures of Green Lantern from the 1940’s to 2005 are collected here in this trade paperback volume. [$19.99]

Hellblazer: Stations of the Cross – Trade paperback collection of Hellblazer issues #194-200. [$14.99]

Marvel Masterworks: The Invincible Iron Man Volume 3 – Hardcover collection of Iron Man’s early adventures from Tales of Suspense issues #66-83 and Tales to Astonish issue #82. [$49.99]

Promethea Book 5 – Trade paperback edition collects Promethea issues #26-32. [$14.99]

Spider-Man: Kraven’s Last Hunt Premiere – New Hardcover edition of Spider-Man’s famous battle with Kraven the Hunter from Web of Spider-Man issues #32-33, Amazing Spider-Man issues #393-394, and Spectacular Spider-Man issues #131-132. [$19.99]

Teen Titans Go! Vol. 5: On the Move – Trade paperback collection of Teen Titans Go! issues #21-25. [$6.99]

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