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by Alan Rapp on November 21, 2007

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Hmm, we’re about to talk about comics so it must be Wednesday!  Welcome to the RazorFine Comic Rack boys and girls.  Pull up a bean bag and take a seat at the feet of the master as we look at the new comics set to hit comic shops and bookstores today from DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, WildStorm, Vertigo, Dynamite Entertainment, IDW Publishing, and Image Comics.

This week includes Army@Love, Captain America, Checkmate, Heroes For Hire, Invincible, Justice League of America, The Loners, The Umbrella Academy: Apocalypse Suite, and the first issues of Angel: After the Fall, Grendel: Behold the Devil, and Hawaiian Dick.  Also don’t forget the truckload of new graphic novels including 52 Vol. 4, Batman: Death and the City, The Bride of Frankenstein: Pandora’s Box, Flink, Madman Vol. 2, New Avengers Vol. 1, Supergirl: Identity, Ultimates 2, X-Men: God Loves, Man Kills (Premiere) and much, much more.

Enjoy issue #48

Editor’s Note: comic shipping dates are subject to change and unexpected delays.

Batman Confidential #11 – How far will Batman go to stop the new menace known as the Joker? [$2.99]

Checkmate #20 – The conclusion of “The Fall of the Wall” pits the Royals against Amanda Waller. [$2.99]

Countdown to Mystery #3 (of 8) – Doctor Fate meets a woman who will change his life. [$3.99]

Justice League of America #15 – Here it is folks, the big throw down between the Justice League and the Injustice League. [$2.99]

The Spirit #11 – Ellen travels to Venezuela to find the truth about El Morte and how to end his hold on Central City. [$2.99]

Captain America #32 – The Falcon, Black Widow, the Winter Soldier, the Red Skull, and the woman who killed Cap!  ‘nuff said!  Check out the free preview. [$2.99]

Heroes For Hire #15 – “Who will live?  Who will die?  Who will get mad and quit?  The unexpected conclusion to a 5-part story designed to knock your socks and your toe nails off!”  Check out the free preview. [$2.99]

Iron Man: Director of S.H.I.E.L.D Annual #1 – Madame Hydra, Madripoor, Bloodscream, Roughhouse and a kick ass James Bond inspired cover; what more could you want?  Check out the free preview. [$3.99]

The Loners #6 (of 6) – The series concludes as one of their own betrays the team and another leaves for good.  Check out the free preview. [$2.99]

Ultimate Marvel #1 – All things ultimate in this free look behind Marvel’s Ultimate line. [FREE]

Army@Love #9 – Allie falls in love with a Nomgrolian bigamist as Beau is tempted by the North Koreenians. [$2.99]

Conan #46 – The Battle of Venarium – “a tale gorged with blood, death, triumph, loss, glory, and revelation, as Conan reaches the first major turning point in his life before leaving Cimmeria for the world outside and becoming a legend in both.”  Check out the free preview. [$2.99]

Criminal Macabre: My Demon Baby #3 – Cal protects a baby who might become Satan’s representative on Earth from devil worshipers and a Templar Knight back from the dead!  Check out the free preview. [$2.99]

Grendel: Behold the Devil #1 (of 8) – Matt Wagner returns with a new story featuring Hunter Rose, the original Grendel!  Check out the free preview. [$3.50]

The Umbrella Academy: Apocalypse Suite #3 – “The reunited Umbrella Academy launches into action to combat a robot crime spree and investigate a string of murdered violinists, all while trying to prevent the apocalypse.”  Well, you don’t want to miss that! [$2.99]

Angel: After the Fall #1 (of 12) – With the success of BtVS Season 8, Joss Whedon presents this new twelve-issue maxi-series continuing the storyline of Angel with the help of Brian Lynch and Franco Urru who gave us Spike: Shadow Puppets. [$3.99]

Graveslinger #2 (of 4) – Just how did Frank Timmons end up hunting the undead across the Arizona desert?  Find out in this issue! [$3.50]

Hawaiian Dick #1 – Creators B. Clay Moore and Steven Griffin reunite for this new ongoing series featuring the noir 50’s version of Hawaii filled with the supernatural and bizarre. [$2.99]

Invincible #46 – Invincible and Rex Splode are forced to team up when Multi-Paul shows up out for revenge for his sister’s death. [$2.99]

Strange Embrace #6 (of 8) – Alex uncovers more secrets behind Sarah’s involvement with Anthony Corbeau. [$2.99]

52 Vol. 4 – The final 13 issues including the savior of the Multiverse Booster Gold (!?) are collected in this new trade paperback. [$19.99]

American Virgin Vol. 3: Wet – Issues #10-14 are collected in this trade paperback featuring Adam at the Miss Teen Miami pageant.  Download a free mini-poster. [$12.99]

Annihilation Book 3 – “The conclusion to the Annihilation saga!”  The conclusion?  Really?  I think someone should tell the Marvel writers who are still working on it and publishing more stories!! [$24.99]

Batman: Death and the City – The trade paperback collects Paul Dini’s recent run on Detective Comics issues #827-834. [$14.99]

The Bride of Frankenstein: Pandora’s Box – Author Elizabeth Hand reinterprets the character’s from the 1935 film in this new trade paperback.  Check out the free preview. [$6.99]

Captain America: The Death of Captain America Vol. 1 (Premiere) – Here it is, the death of one of Marvel’s most beloved characters and the events which led up to his assassination and its fall-out are collected in this premiere hardcover edition. [$19.99]

Jack Kirby’s Fourth World Omnibus Vol. 3 – More of Jack Kirby’s tales are collected in this third volume featuring appearances by Darkseid, Kalibak, Deadman, the Forever People, Orion and the New Gods. [$49.99]

Flink – After surviving a plane crash a boy is rescued by Bigfoot. [$13.99]

Madman, Vol. 2Madman Comics issues #1-11 are collected in this new trade paperback featuring love, a murder mystery on the high seas, robot rebellion and the first comic book appearance of Frank Miller. [$17.99]

New Avengers Vol. 1 – Following the events of “Avengers Disassembled” a new team is put together including Wolverine, Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man and Spider-Woman in this hardcover collection of the first ten issues of the series.  Also available in a variant edition. [$29.99]

The Secret – Tommy’s life takes a dark turn when a prank call goes wrong in this trade paperback collecting the recent four-issue mini-series.  Check out the free preview. [$14.95]

Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith Photo Comic -“Experience the fall of the Jedi and the rise of the Sith with this manga-sized adaptation of Revenge of the Sith comprised of images from the film!” Check out the free preview. [$9.95]

Supergirl: Identity – In this trade paperback collecting issues #10-19 Supergirl takes a secret identity, finds a boyfriend, and joins the Outsiders. [$19.99]

Ultimates 2 – “This deluxe hardcover collects Ultimates 2 Vol. 1: Gods & Monsters and Ultimates 2 Vol. 2: Grand-Theft America, plus extras.” [$34.99]

X-Men: First Class – Tomorrow’s Brightest – The first eight issues of the “untold” tales of the original team are collected here. [$19.99]

X-Men: God Loves, Man Kills (Premiere) – Magneto and the X-Men join forces to take on William Stryker who wants to eradicate all mutants in this new hardcover premiere edition of Chris Claremont’s classic tale. [$19.99]

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