The Mission #6

by Alan Rapp on August 2, 2011

in Comics

the-mission-6-coverDo you believe in good an evil? What would happen if you were chosen against your will to take part? How far are you willing to go to protect yourself and your family? Paul has been asked to retrieve the box for Gabriel and he knows all too well what failure might bring.

The mini-series featuring a normal family man thrown into a world of spies, killers, and religious artifacts ends with Paul answering those questions for himself. After sitting down for drinks with a member of the other team, and getting a straight answer for once, Paul learns just how far he will go by torturing Luke for the location of the mysterious box.

The series may be over, but the final page twist tells me we having seen the last of Paul or his mission. Plenty of questions will be answered, although far more will be raised, in this final (for now at least) issue of the series. I’m looking forward to see where the title goes from here. Worth a look.

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