The Shadow #16

by Alan Rapp on August 10, 2013

in Comics

The Shadow #16The Shadow‘s battle against The Light continues as the city’s new vigilante targets Margo Lane as her next victim. Thanks to her quick thinking and the timely arrival of The Shadow, Margo makes it through the night alive and The Shadow learns that all visually evidence to the contrary The Light is flesh and blood who doesn’t react well do a slew of bullets.

I thought this arc started to stall a bit in the last issue but by putting Margo in danger Chris Roberson picks up the pace with a timely rooftop save by our hero and moves the storyline forward to the final confrontation between The Light and The Shadow next month.

The Shadow #16 also includes more flashbacks to The Light’s childhood and training as well as tying that piece of the storyline together with The Light’s first victim in New York whose past intertwines with her own This also gives The Shadow his first real lead to uncovering to the vigilante’s identity. Worth a look.

[Dynamite Entertainment, $3.99]

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