Usagi Yojimbo #152

by Alan Rapp on March 3, 2016

in Comics

Usagi Yojimbo #152Usagi Yojimbo #152 starts with the action in full swing as we find the rabbit ronin fighting off a storm and attempting to help a village stop the rising river from flooding and destroying their homes and fields.

Neither the complaints of the peasants that the situation is hopeless nor the arrival of bandits using the storm to steal the meager supplies of the villagers have left improves Miyamoto Usagi‘s mood.

Leaving the villagers to finish the dyke on their own, an exhausted Usagi sets out after the bandits on his own only to find a desperate and starving group with no shelter for the storm. Bringing the two groups together not only helps save the town, but choosing to exit stage left when no one is looking forces the villagers and the thieves to come to an understanding between themselves without the samurai’s help (offering the moral of the single issue story about kindness being repaid in kind and cooperation leading to a shared rewards). Once again Usagi saves the day, and this time he does it without even having to raise his sword. Must-read.

[Dark Horse, $3.99]

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