Voltron #1

by Alan Rapp on December 14, 2011

in Comics

voltron-1-coverSave me from re-imagined versions of classic characters. I don’t know what exactly I was hoping from Dynamite Entertainment’s new Voltron, but I guess having it make sense, have at least an once of joy, and not screw up the franchise was simply too much to ask.

In the original cartoon five pilots each fly a giant robot lion. The cartoon is set in undetermined future around the planet Arus which must be defended by evil King Zarkon (from planet Doom). When in dire straits the five lions could be joined to form the universe’s greatest weapon – Voltron.

The new version turns the plucky team into commandos (lacking any of the goofy humor from the cartoon), places them on Earth, in the year 2124, makes Zarkov an Earth scientist who may (or may not) have been involved in the creation of Voltron, and allows Voltron to fight the giant monster of the week without any of the team members actually being inside the robot.

Although Voltron looks pretty cool, the rest of the art by Ariel Padilla is mostly forgettable. The entire project comes off like bad fan fiction with way too much money behind it. Pass.

[Dynamite Entertainment, $3.99]

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