Wonder Woman #2

by Alan Rapp on July 20, 2016

in Comics

Wonder Woman #2The structure of this comic is going to drive me nuts. Rather than continuing the story begun in Wonder Woman #1, the second issue of the series (and all successive even-numbered issues for the foreseeable future) will focus on a retelling of the origins on Wonder Woman before she left Themyscira.

As origin stories go, this first chapter of “Wonder Woman: Year One” sets the scene showing us Diana’s first encounter with the golden lasso, shows her yearning to explore the outside world, and delivers the event which would change her life in he sudden appearance of Steve Trevor who crash lands on the island (rather than washing up on its shores).

While not as engaging as the first issue, Wonder Woman #2 does feature the art of Nicola Scott (which is a reason to buy almost any comic). The art is definitely a plus, and the story works well, but I still have my doubts about whether writer Greg Rucka (penning both storylines) can make this on-and-off story structure ultimately work. Worth a look.

[DC, $2.99]

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