RF’s Top 7 Bond Villains

by Alan Rapp on November 13, 2008

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Who says seven is lucky?  Seven is a dangerous number.  The seven deadly sins, the seven evil dwarfs (um…maybe I’ve got that one wrong).  As part of our continuing Bond Week, today we give you the seven deadliest and most memorable villains of the Bond series.

Here are seven of the deadliest and most memorable Bond villains.  Did your favorite make the list?

Ernst Stavro Blofield

Donald Pleasence from You Only Live Twice

Several men have portrayed Bond’s arch-nemesis on screen including Anthony Dawson, Telly Savalas, and Charles Gray but it was Pleasence who first gave the cat stroking SPECTRE leader a face.  Mike Meyers would make millions with his parody of the character.  Blofield also holds the record for villains with appearances in six of the 22 Bond films.  Can you name the other five?

Dr. No

Joseph Wiseman from Dr. No

Over the course of 22 movies only four Bond villains have gotten their names into the titles, the first being the mad scientist Dr. Julius No with his plans of terror and his menacing metal hands.  Can you name the other three?

Red Grant

Robert Shaw from From Russia With Love

It was a tough call between Shaw and Alec Trevelyan, but I’ll take the SPECTRE assassin who gives 007 all he can handle during an all-out brawl in a train compartment.


Richard Kiel from The Spy Who Loved Me / Moonraker

Other than Blofield it’s hard to find a villain who appears in more than one film, but this giant with metal dentures fits the bill, chews through solid metal, and even more remarkable – ends up living happily ever after.


Harold Sakata from Goldfinger

The guy kills people with his hat!  Seriously, do I really need to defend this selection?

Francisco Scaramanga

Christopher Lee from The Man With the Golden Gun

Scaramanga, better known as the man with the golden gun, is the only assassin to be the main villain in a Bond film, the only one to challenge Bond to an “honorable duel,” and hey, the guy’s got a great sidekick!

Fiona Volpe

Luciana Paluzzi from Thunderball

There are more than a few femme fatales in the Bond universe, but one of my favorites is Fiona Volpe a SPECTRE assassin who gets Bond into bed and tries to get him shot on the dance floor.  The short bathtub scene alone earns the seductress a spot on the list.  Barbara Carrera would play the role (renamed Fatima Blush) in the unofficial remake Never Say Never Again.

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