Appleseed: Ex Machina

by Sarah on July 23, 2008

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  • Title: Appleseed: Ex Machina
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About three weeks ago I brought forth the anime about a stunning young woman and her cyborg partner.  Both Appleseed and the sequel Appleseed Ex Machina are done in beautiful CG animation, making the films badass characters look even more badass as they flip around in combat.  The story sort of takes off with the same idea as last time, the two main characters, Deunan Knute and Briareous the cyborg, combating against evil to keep their Utopian society.

The story isn’t so plain and straight forward, the villain is different this time and there is a twist.  The team, Deunan and Briareous are split up!  That doesn’t sound like much of a twist without the knowledge of her new partner.  Briareous is one of a kind, well that is until they made Tereus.

Briareous has a genetically engineered bioroid twin, which turns out to be a pretty cool ordeal.  Both Deunan and Briareous have issues with the bioroid named Tereus.  The main issue is just the fact that they are split up, Deunan wanting to fight against the partnership and Briareous knowing it is for her own good.  Not to mention that Tereus is an exact copy of Briareous, memory, mannerisms and all, once the new team begins to work together they realize how useful Tereus really is.

In Appleseed the villain was internal, well don’t worry so is the villain in Appleseed Ex Machina.  I think I like the internal villains, it makes it more suspenseful when they start to show who is the bad guy.  It’s hard to say anything without giving away the fun of watching it for yourself, so figure the villain of the Utopia on your own.

It’s best to watch this film for yourself since it’s a twisted little package.  I know it won’t let you down if you enjoyed the first one.  The contrast of man and machine in this film is intense with the new twins.  If I were Deunan I wouldn’t know what to do, the mind and body of her lover Briareous in a fixed version, Tereus, that would be such a difficult thing to deal with.  Overall though, good film, mostly entertaining with an all around good hero story.

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