Nacho Dynamite

by Aaron on June 16, 2006

in Movie Reviews 

With Napolean Dynamite, director Joshua Hess did more than lift a name from Elvis Costello;  he made a cultural typhoon of catch phrases, t-shirts, and schwag.  With Nacho Libre, Hess dumbs down dumb to a near catatonic stupor that not even Jack Black can uplift.  Playing the titular Nacho, Black’s an unfocused whirlwind of smarm and energy, but his sad-sack character has nothing going for him, nor is there any reason to root for his orphaned friar-turned-luchador.  The secondary characters are just a collection of ‘look how weird they are’ cut-outs, and the laughs are few and far between. 

It’s a sad day when a film doesn’t even live up to the expectations set by the Nickolodeon Films logo, but that day has come.

Nacho Libre
1 Star

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