Sex and the City

by December Lambeth on May 30, 2008

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  • Title: Sex and the City
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If you are in any way shape or form a fan of the series then your going to love this. It’s like 3 episodes rolled into one and a bigger screen. Same characters, more problems, strong friendships, sex, love and more just for our fanatic viewing pleasure. Many would say it was a little long, but a true fan will feel like they have just indulged in a day at the spa and a trip to a runway fashion show with their favorite BFFS from Sex and the City. It’s like the show had never been canceled, they picked up 3 years later with a lot of the same problems, plus a few new ones to boot and pretty much solved them all by the end. I wouldn’t say that it’s all buttoned up neatly, I could easily see a return of the series or another film. The great thing about Sex and the City, it’s life, at least in some fictious/realist way, and we all no that life never ends.

They’re sexy, thin and full of plastic and have a keen sense for crazy fashion, who are they you ask? Why the girls of Sex and the City.  Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis, and Cynthia Nixon are reprising their roles from the original HBO series with a little help from all their friends. Does Carrie get Big to finally commit or does she spend the whole show catering to his needs? Miranda still treats Steve like the scum of their earth; will she ever treat him as an equal and give him a little in between the sheets? Samantha’s over sexed drive that’s completely undersexed by her hot Hollywood younger man, attempts to cool it down a bit, but ultimately finds out that she is still too much in love with herself and New York. And of course, Charlotte, dear sweet Charlotte, with the perfect husband, perfect life, perfect apartment and adopted child, what else could she possibly need to make things anymore perfect?

So grab your girlfriends and enjoy a day of luxury, sex and gossip with Sex and the City.

I greatly enjoyed the film. What may have made it seem a little long was more of the 20-minute outtakes while we waited for the 30-minute red carpet event and yes the film itself is roughly 2 1/2-hours long, however once you get into then all bets are off. It didn’t help much that the place was jammed pack, I was accosted by verble diaheree and about got whiplash from the constant leg spasms from my neighbor. Sex and the City is a film to be seen with the girlfriends and a day out. Go shopping, have lunch at a quaint little cafe, get your peddy and manny’s done and check out the girls on the big screen.

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