Superman – The Mechanical Monsters

by Alan Rapp on July 7, 2020

in Short Films

  • Title: Supeman – The Mechanical Monsters
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Superman - The Mechanical Monsters review

Throwback Tuesday takes a look back to one of the earliest appearance of the Man of Tomorrow on film in another of the Fleischer Studios’ Superman cartoons. “The Mechanical Monsters” offers us a nameless mad scientist using a army of robots to steal from Metropolis. The cartoon relies on one of the oldest Superman tropes of Lois Lane getting in over her head while investigating a story and needing Superman to swoop in for the rescue (although Lois does get the story). As with “The Mad Scientist,” the cartoon is most notable for its style while relying on mostly-silent storytelling (which includes the head-scratcher of Superman somehow finding the captured Lois after loosing the robot at one point). The cartoon also features the first animated sequence of Clark Kent slipping into a phone booth and emerging as Superman.

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