Atlantis – Telemon

by Alan Rapp on November 30, 2014

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Atlantis - Telemon

Ariadne‘s (Aiysha Hart) coronation as the new queen of Atlantis brings a new set of games to the city and a new suitor in Prince Telemon (Clive Standen) who arrives for the dual purpose of winning the games and the queen’s hand in marriage. Despite initially befriending the young man in the woods, Pythagoras (Robert Emms) and Hercules (Mark Addy) begin to have doubts about the man’s true nature based on the word of another fighter (Lashana Lynch) who turns up dead after voicing her suspicions about his criminal past.

Despite accepting that he and Ariadne can never be together, Jason (Jack Donnelly) agrees to fight for the city and eventually defeat Telemon in the arena where the man’s true nature is revealed to Jason but not the wider audience or queen. I’m a little disappointed with the show choosing to make Telemon such a snake (which you would assume will be eventually revealed to Ariadne before the wedding) instead of presenting him as a truly honorable man making the Queen’s decision far more difficult.

As things stand there’s still quite a bit about the prince’s past left undisclosed. Who were the men that Jason and his friends saved him from in the woods? Is he still in good standing with his father and kingdom (or is that too a lie)? Where did he get the money to payoff one of the other fighters? And, most importantly, how quickly will Ariadne’s impressions of the man sour once any of this is revealed to her?

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