Batman Beyond – Black Out

by Alan Rapp on May 22, 2018

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  • Title: Batman Beyond – Black Out
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Batman Beyond - Black Out television review

Today’s Throwback Tuesday post takes us back to the future for another episode of Batman Beyond. With Wayne-Powers and Foxtecha up for the same lucrative contract involving the building of a new lunar station, Derek Powers (Sherman Howard) enlists the help of a corporate saboteur known as Inque (Shannon Kenny) to cripple the competition. After getting his butt kicked twice by the shape-shifting mercenary, the new Batman (Will Friedle) is forced to return home and regroup. It will take both Dark Knights (with Bruce wearing the familiar goggles and hat of his childhood hero) to fight off the villain after she sneaks into the Batcave.

Not only does “Black Out” continue to build on Terry’s experience as the new Batman, set-up Dana‘s (Lauren Tom) growing frustration with his new job, and create him a powerful new villain, but the episode also marks the first appearance of Barbara Gordon (Stockard Channing) as Gotham’s police commissioner. The fight inside the Batcave also shows off a number of nods to classic Batman comic history and Batman: The Animated Series including Freeze’s gun, Scarface, Harley Quinn‘s costume, and the giant penny (which nearly does the Bat-apprentice in).

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