Beware the Batman – Toxic

by Alan Rapp on August 19, 2013

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  • Title: Beware the Batman – Toxic
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Beware the Batman - Toxic

The show introduces a second member of the Outsiders, although Katana (Sumalee Montano) doesn’t appear in this episode, as “Toxic” offers the origin story of Metamorpho (Adam Baldwin) – a security guard exposed to a dangerous experiment by Simon Stagg (Jeff Bennett) who didn’t want the man dating his daughter Sapphire (Emmanuelle Chriqui). I’ve never been the biggest fan of Metamorpho and thought it strange when Justice League an entire two-part episode to his origins a decade ago. We’re pretty much given the same treatment here as Batman (Anthony Ruivivar) is forced to deal with the out-of-control monster while attempting to find a cure.

I find it equally odd the show, which has expressed an interest in showcasing lesser-known characters, would spend an entire episode devoted entirely to introducing Metamorpho (a character very well established in DC Animation) without offering anything new to the tale. Fans of the character are likely to enjoy this one more than I did, but the story really adds nothing new to ground already covered by DC Animation in “Metamorphosis.” Given Katana’s involvement already in the series I wonder if we’ll see the introduction of any other Outsiders and possibly even the formation of the team before the show is done.

“Toxic,” which is the weakest episode of the series to date, also brings back the character of Dr. Bethany Ravencroft (Cree Summer) who has a hidden agenda of her own as we see her taking orders on her phone as the episode comes to an end. In keeping what we already know about the show’s arc, I’m guessing we’ll find the League of Assassins will, one way or another, is the one pulling her strings.

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