Burn Notice – Best Laid Plans

by Alan Rapp on December 8, 2012

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  • Title: Burn Notice – Best Laid Plans
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Agent Riley (Sonja Sohn) arrests Maddie (Sharon Gless) to rattle her into giving up her son and learns Michael (Jeffrey Donovan) hasn’t yet left Miami. Her attempt to get Barry (Paul Tei) to put up a financial smokescreen obscuring where Michael and his team are headed only gets her in more hot water with the CIA. Meanwhile, Fi (Gabrielle Anwar) and Jesse (Coby Bell) help Schmidt (Patton Oswalt) procure an expense piece of technology from his warehouse to help pay the exorbitant fee of getting the foursome new identities and safely out of the country.

While escaping from the police-filled warehouse Schmidt’s mysterious black briefcase is riddled with bullet holes. With few options left to them, Michael and Fi work quickly to disguise the damage and force Barry to go through with the sale, but when that starts to go south again Sam (Bruce Campbell) has to step in to help sell the damaged piece of equipment as better than new to Schmdt’s anxious, and highly dangerous, buyer (Marcos A. Ferraez).

In order to keep Sam and Schmidt safe. Michael, Fi, and Jesse have to silently help the robbers break into a medical research facility to test the merchandise while making it look like their high-tech gizmo is getting the job done. Once again things go wrong when Sam does such a bang  up job their armed robber decides to keep him around for the actual heist at precious gem trade show.

“Best Laid Plans” is a well-titled episode as with every move the group takes to get closer to escape seems to make them take two-steps backward. Eventually Michael is able to save Sam and Schmidt and get the money they need for their new identities, but with the CIA now hunting Maddie as well another Westen has been added to the team’s travel itinerary as the show races towards its two-part season finale in two weeks.

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