Charlie’s Angels – Angels on Wheels

by Alan Rapp on September 17, 2019

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  • Title: Charlie’s Angels – Angels on Wheels
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Charlie's Angels - Angels on Wheels TV review

Throwback Tuesday takes us back to the tale of three beautiful former police officers turned private detectives working for a faceless boss known as Charlie. The suspicious death of a young woman and the disappearance of her boyfriend and a mysterious suitcase sends the Angels to the roller derby in “Angels on Wheels.” Jill (Farrah Fawcett) goes undercover as a the dead woman’s sister, and newest member of the team, while Sabrina (Kate Jackson) pretends to be a state insurance investigator looking into the insurance company (which is also owned by the same company who owns the team) who paid out the policy on the dead derby star.

This leaves Kelly (Jaclyn Smith) to snoop around under the guise of a reporter which leads to the discovery of the missing suitcase (full of thousands of dollars in cash and evidence of the scam that got both the young woman and her boyfriend killed). Before the end of the episode attempts will be made on two of the three Angels after the unscrupulous head on the insurance business (Andra Akers) and her goon (Taylor Lacher) discover both Kelly and Jill are private investigators. Kelly survives both an attempted car bombing and a rough crash after her break line is cut and Jill manages to hold her own when the other player (Kres Mersky) involved in the scam tries to arrange another deadly accident on the track.

The episode is notable for Jill’s time in the roller derby (which we’re told she’d been practicing for weeks prior to the assignment) along with Kelly’s car bombing (which strongly suggests that either Charlie has incredibly powers of ESP or he was watching the Angel as he was somehow able to warn her about the bomb). The insurance scam (involving fake identities, fake medical reports, and large insurance settlements), and its ties to both the derby and the insurance company, is more complicated than their usual cases as nearly all of the people the Angels meet in the episode, with the exception of the business owner (Dick Sargent), are all involved somehow in either the scam or the death of the young woman and her boyfriend.

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