Chicago Fire – God Has Spoken

by Alan Rapp on January 3, 2013

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  • Title: Chicago Fire – God Has Spoken
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“God Has Spoken” opens with the aftermath of the freak car accident that leaves Gabriela (Monica Raymund) bloodied and Shay (Lauren German) rushed to the emergency room for far more serious injuries. Friends and coworkers arrive at the hospital to offer their support as one of their own fights to survive a nasty head injury.

Until Shay is able to return to duty candidate Peter Mills (Charlie Barnett) is promoted to fill the vacated post, and much to Gabriela’s surprise turns out to be helpful in his first ride out. Meanwhile Cruz (Joe Minoso) deals with the guilt of letting a gangbanger burn to save the life of his little brother (Jeff Lima), Casey (Jesse Spencer) circles back around with his sister (Nicole Forester) after visiting his mother (Kathleen Quinlan) in prison, Herrmann (David Eigenberg) hits up an investor to help fund his limo business, and the team is called in to save a postal worker trapped at the bottom of a sink hole, deal with a mob preventing treatment to an apparent drunk driver, and help treat an unconscious woman with a pissed off German Shepherd.

With his friendship with Shay on the rocks due to his drug problem Kelly (Taylor Kinney) gets even more bad news when Renée (Sarah Shahi) accepts a promotion that has her moving to Madrid permanently. Hitting rock bottom, Kelly eventually agrees to get the help he needs as Gabriela and Mills get to know each other far better than either planned.

For a show about firefighters and EMTs, Chicago Fire is far soapier than I expected. Not seeing the first ten episodes I didn’t have trouble following the storylines, but I did have trouble caring about many of them. Although I like some of actors assembled her (particularly German and Redmund) there’s far less fire fightin’ and far more behind-the-scenes drama than I was expecting. Maybe I’ll give it another shot in another dozen or so episodes.

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