Continuum – Seconds

by Alan Rapp on August 4, 2013

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  • Title: Continuum – Seconds
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Continuum - Seconds

Although there’s good news for the police department with return of Dillon (Brian Markinson) and Mr. Escher (Hugh Dillon) offering to privately fund the mission to take down Liber8, Kiera‘s (Rachel Nichols) sense of duty and morality is put into question following Julian Randol‘s (Richard Harmon) release from prison, especially once she realizes Julian will grow into her future’s most notorious killer: Theseus.

When his mother (Janet Kidder) is shot at his release from prison, Julian goes into hiding where he’s made three separate offers by Sonya (Lexa Doig), Lucas (Omari Newton), and Travis (Roger R. Cross) all of whom want to see Theseus claim his destiny as the head of the revolution which spawns Liber8. Alec‘s (Erik Knudsen) loyalties are put into question as well when Kiera and two of Dillon’s men kidnap and torture Julian for information about Liber8 forcing the super-genius to choose between his out-of-control friend and estranged terrorist brother.

Only Carlos‘ (Victor Webster) timely intervention stop Kiera from killing Julian, but afterwards the future cop has to question whether the series of events she initiated may have driven the confused young man and put him on the path to becoming Theseus. Is she responsible for creating the monster? Mixed in with events from the future of an older Theseus’s terrorist attacks (which given the lobotomized state of those he kills is more morally ambiguous than Kiera’s depiction of events), “Second Truths” offers the age-old time-travel question. Knowing what Theseus will become does Kiera have a responsibility to kill Julian before his rise to power? Or, as the episode seems to imply, does her action actually help forge the terrorist’s future?

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