Danger Man – The Conspirators

by Alan Rapp on April 9, 2019

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  • Title: Danger Man – The Conspirators
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Danger Man - The Conspirators television review

Our Throwback Tuesday post takes us back into the Cold War spycraft of Danger Man. The death of a British diplomat, disguised as a suicide attempt, sends John Drake (Patrick McGoohan) to a small island off the coast of Brittany where the diplomat’s wife (Patricia Driscoll) continues to work to expose the corruption behind her husband’s murder while holed up in the ruins of the islands castle with her two young children. Unable to convince Lady Lindsay to escape with him, Drake pretends to leave the island but sticks around to prevent another assassination.

Knowing the first victim, and both professionally and personally motivated to protecting the man’s family, Drake does quite a bit of skulking around the castle in order to disguise his presence from a castle guardian (who the locals seem to know nothing about), a visiting architect (who is anything but), and a helicopter pilot )who very nearly pushes Lady Lindsay into an accident on the island’s rocky cliffs). The episode makes good use of the location, including a look at the castle’s dungeon which Drake puts to use to hold the killers for the proper authorities.

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