Darkwing Duck – Apes of Wrath

by Alan Rapp on October 13, 2020

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  • Title: Darkwing Duck – Apes of Wrath
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Darkwing Duck - Apes of Wrath television review

Throwback Tuesday takes us back to crime-ridden streets of St. Canard and a hero who flaps in the night. When anthropologist Beatrice Bruté (Victoria Carroll) disappears, SHUSH sends Darkwing Duck (Jim Cummings), Launchpad (Terence McGovern), and Gosalyn (Christine Cavanaugh) to Africa. Attacked by gorillas, who Goaslyn gets kidnapped by when one of her many gorilla traps backfire (the others all lead to a large amount of head trauma Darkwing suffers in this episode), Darkwing eventually finds Bruté. The scientist wasn’t kidnapped, instead she chose to live with the gorillas and fight weapon smuggler Major Trenchrot (Charlie Adler) who wants to create a vacation spot for criminal under the guise of a banana plantation.

“Apes of Wrath” features several common tropes of the show including Gosalyn getting her way and refusing to be left behind and much of her “help” leading to Darkwing taking a large amount of physical pain (including triggering a bomb on the way to the jungle and Darkwing stepping into her gorilla traps in the jungle). The names of the two main gorillas who encounter Darkwing and Launchpad were Bongo and Congo, but it’s unclear whether it is the apes or the scientist who is responsible for the explosive recipe that helps our heroes stop Trenchrot.

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