Doctor Who – A Good Man Goes to War

by Alan Rapp on June 13, 2011

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  • Title: Doctor Who – A Good Man Goes to War
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“Demons run when a good man goes to war.”

I’ve been pretty hard on Doctor Who this year, but I’ve got to say the Sixth Series mid-season break delivered the season’s best episode and finally gave us the identity of River Song (Alex Kingston). If you haven’t seen the episode yet go ahead and skip the review, because we’ve got spoilers.

Following the two-parter which introduced us to the characters of the Flesh, s self-replicating fluid that can create exact duplicates of individuals, the Doctor (Matt Smith) goes on the warpath as he knows now for certain Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) has been replaced by the Flesh.

The episode begins with the still yet to be named villain (Frances Barber) taking Amy’s newborn baby and preparing for the Doctor’s retribution which comes in the form of him putting together a small army of familiar characters to take the asteroid base known as Demon’s Run. There’s also a terrific sequence involving Rory (Arthur Darvill) help to spur on the legend of “the Last Centurion” by making an entire legion of Cybermen quake in their boots.

In typical fashion the Doctor is able to rescue Amy and her baby, but Stephen Moffat gives us a pair of late twists as Amy’s child is revealed to be nothing more than a Flesh duplicate, and we learn the name of Melody Pond as translated by the Gamma forest people is… River Song.

Well played, Mr. Moffat. Now we’ve only got to wait four months for the conclusion of yet another cliffhanger. Hang on tight kiddies, things have just gotten interesting. Geronimo!

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