Franklin & Bash – For Those About to Rock

by Alan Rapp on June 27, 2012

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  • Title: Franklin & Bash – For Those About to Rock
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After being held in contempt Jared (Breckin Meyer) is given 50 hours of community service, in small claims court, as a judge where he’s forced to rule in favor of shutting down a legendary rock ‘n roll club when the club owner (Joel David Moore) is unable to pay the rent after the unexpected disappearance of his legendary father (Peter Weller). Peter (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) convinces his friend to make right by taking the man’s case, even in that means going up against Jared’s father (Beau Bridges) in court.

To win the case Franklin and Bash have to prove the developer (Richard Portnow) has ulterior motives in wanting the club shut down and may have even go so as to enlist the help of the club’s former lightning technician (Paul Tei) in sabotage. With a little detective work from Carmen (Dana Davis) and emotional testimony from the reclusive club owner the pair are unable to do Jared’s mistake and save the club from demolition.

The episode’s B-story concerns the fallout from the discover that Pindar (Kumail Nanjiani) and Megan’s (Megan Stevenson) life coach Dr. Lee (Thomas F. Wilson) is a fraud who has been arrest for impersonating a licensed therapist. Infeld (Malcolm McDowell) and Hanna (Garcelle Beauvais) agree to take the case, but the man’s colorful past (and rather long rap sheet) make the case impossible to win.

A good episode that gives everyone except Damien (Reed Diamond) something to do. Pindar’s emotional turmoil over the case works well, as does the point when he realizes why Infeld put him on the defense team. It’s good to see Bridges back as the elder Franklin and the banter between Meyer and Bridges in his final scene about his “Cosby tie” is something I’d like to see more of as well.

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