Hawaii Five-0 – Mea Makamae

by Alan Rapp on October 12, 2011

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  • Title: Hawaii Five-0 – Mea Makamae
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The discovery of a severed hand on the beach leads the team to uncover the murder of a deep sea salvage diver, thanks in part to an ingenuous, but rather tasteless, fingerprint recovery method by Max (Masi Oka). The trail leads the to fake treasure, a submerged 1939 army ambulance lost during WWII, the body of a discharged Private, a family tragedy, a stash of missing money, and file classified for more than 70 years.

The episode’s B-story continues Kono’s (Grace Park) involvement with Frank Delano (William Baldwin) and his organization which looks like will come to a head next in next weeks episode. Michelle Borth returns as McGarrett’s on-again/off-again girlfriend Catherine Rollins, and Joe White (Terry O’Quinn) and Max take a trip to trip to JPAC (the largest forensic lab in the world) to identify the remains of the diver.

“Mea Makamae” gives us a pair of of noteworthy guest-appearances by Patty Duke as the Alzheimer mother of the murdered sea diver and Peter Fonda as a competing deep sea diver and treasure hunter. And the show introduces Autumn Reeser as a possible love interest for Danny (Scott Caan).

Even if the tease of sunken pirate treasure doesn’t pan out the episode is noteworthy for its guest-stars, the introduction of Reeser’s character, and McGarrett discovering someone he trusts completely has been lying to him. The teaser for next week promises the climax in the Kono story arc (which can’t end soon enough for me).

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