Hawaii Five-0 – Ohuna

by Alan Rapp on November 20, 2012

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  • Title: Hawaii Five-0 – Ohuna
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Five-0 is called in to investigate the abduction of a young computer hacker (Matt Bush) from his family (Alan RuckMelinda McGrawGregory Kasyan) only minutes after being released from juvenile detention. The family’s GPS was tampered with, leading them into the perfect isolated location for an abduction, but by the time Kono (Grace Park) and Cho (Daniel Dae Kim) recover the van used in the kidnapping the young victim is already dead.

Max (Masi Oka) discovers the young man was tortured to death by someone obviously wanting sensitive information from him. To help learn what the victim was into that go him killed and what his connection was to an infamous computer hacker (Russell Wong) who visited him in prison, Danny calls on his computer expert (Martin Starr) for some supervised undercover work that doesn’t go quite according to plan. Despite taking down the hacker for a list of crimes, Five-0 is back to square one when the man turns out not to be their killer.

With the help of the hacker’s autistic young brother (Kasyan) Kono finds the password for the hacker’s data files, but sadly for the family the men who murdered the young man have exactly the same idea which leads to a hostage situation involving the four gunmen led by a former member (Carlo Rota) of the South African Special Forces turned mercenary and the entire group attending the victim’s wake – including Kono. Using his trademark level of insane heroics, McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) leads an unorthodox road rescue that nabs Five-0 the mercenaries and brings their teammate home safe (after she kicks the ass of the head merc).

In the episode’s B-story McGarrett attempts to arrange a reunion between his mother (Christine Lahti) and sister (Taryn Manning) who is now working as a caregiver for an elderly man (Shelley Berman) and wants nothing to do with the mother who abandoned her and made her believe she was dead for decades. With some patience, and a little prompting from the caregiver’s feisty senior citizen, the McGarrett family gets their mother/daughter reunion.

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