King & Maxwell – Loved Ones

by Alan Rapp on July 10, 2013

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King & Maxwell - Loved Ones

When the son of an old Secret Service buddy (Lochlyn Munro) dies in what the police call a suicide, King (Jon Tenney) is hired to look into what really happened. Although every sign points to the police making the correct call, with the help of Edgar (Ryan Hurst) a test dummy, King and Maxwell (Rebecca Romijn) discover the young man was pushed, not jumped, from the rooftop above the pavement where he met his end. When a bomb meant for the brother of an old friend kills another former Secret Service agent instead, King starts to believe someone is targeting the the families of former agents from King’s detail in Mexico.

Although King’s initial suspect is a former Mexican meth dealer with a grudge, Benny (Dichen Lachman) steers him to another line of thinking by suggesting the bomb used to kill his friend was likely designed and set-off by a police officer. A little digging by Maxwell turns up that another member (Martin Donovan) of King’s old detail, with ties to the Virginia police department and motive to hate the Secret Service following his dismissal after injury, is likely their killer. However, the truth however is more complicated as their killer (Jamie McShane) is actually the father of the young agent killed in Mexico.

“Loved Ones” gives us another case that hits close to home for one of the series’ regulars. The tension of the episode works well, finally culminating in a chase through the wilderness, even if the episode doesn’t quite sell King’s old friend as the red herring before the final reveal. The episode ends with his friend being proved innocent, however Edgar discovers that the man’s distraction during the assassination have something to do with the death of the candidate that ended King’s work for the Secret Service. Edgar hasn’t been wrong yet, but we’ll have to wait and see where this new thread leads, and how slowly the series is to delve deep into the case rather than offer the small breadcrumbs and teases we’ve gotten so far.

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