Leverage – The Experimental Job

by Alan Rapp on November 28, 2011

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  • Title: Leverage – The Experimental Job
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The team is hired to investigate a psychology student (Jonathan Keltz) who is running sleep deprivation studies on former soldiers suffering from shell-shock including a homeless man whose daughter (Meredith Adelaide) is sure the experiment is what caused her father’s death.

Complicating the team’s mission is the discovery by Hardison (Aldis Hodge) that Zilgram (Keltz) is connected to a powerful secret society with the reach to bury the investigation into the death of the homeless veteran and anything else that might arouse suspicion.

To uncover the society’s secrets and catch the killer the team goes back to school. Hardison and Parker work their way into Zilgram’s trust as Elliot gets recruited for the experiments as a homeless vet where he comes across a professional interrogator (Stoney Westmoreland) and discovers the real purpose of the experiment isn’t to cure PTSD but to find ways to cause it.

Things get even more complicated when both Elliot’s and Hardison’s covers are blown and Parker has to jump in to stop a gang of frat boys from beating her favorite nerd to death. Elliot has a little better luck with his interrogator as the vets, and the help of Sophie (Christian Kane) and Detective Grayson (Val Landrum), turn the table on Zilgram and put the screws to the psychology student.

Although the team takes down their target it does draw the attention of the CIA, specifically Agent Conrad (Andy McCone) who was protecting Zilgram’s work. We’ll have to see if their are any lingering effects over the rest of the season.

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