Matt Houston – Killing Isn’t Everything

by Alan Rapp on June 12, 2018

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  • Title: Matt Houston – Killing Isn’t Everything
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Matt Houston - Killing Isn't Everything television review

Our Throwback Tuesday post takes to Los Angeles where a Texas oilman would spend his abundant free time solving crimes. Like many of the episodes in the series, “Killing Isn’t Everything” centers around a friend of Matt Houston (Lee Horsley) getting into trouble and asking for his help. This time around it’s Randy Haines (John Beck), the quarterback of the California Bearcats who becomes the subject of one murder investigation and the attempted victim of another murder after the team’s owner turns up dead. The murder mystery works better than the blending of stock football footage with Houston’s investigation which not only will save his friend from being convicted of one murder by becoming another victim of a killer with a personal grudge.

Broke, and only able to land a big endorsement deal if he could get onto the field (something the team’s late owner was vehemently against), Haines is just one of many with motives for murder. Other suspects including the cheerleading coach (Phyllis Davis) and the football coach (Forrest Tucker), both who personally profit from the man’s death. Finding the real killer, however, means finding the connection of the one suspect who wants both quarterback and owner killed. Things get a bit crazy in the final act as Houston inpersonates the quarterback and gets shot by the killer (Dick Butkus) who was dressed as the team’s mascot.

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