Person of Interest – Foe

by Alan Rapp on November 19, 2011

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Person of Interest - Foe

The latest number from the Machine turns out to be Cold War spy (Alan Dale) who has been off the grid for more than two decades. Bearing an intense hatred he has returned to take vengeance on this former teammates (Larry PineKent BroadhurstSherman Howard) for their betrayal, his incarceration, and the death of his wife Anja (Laila Robins).

As Finch (Michael Emerson) calls on the help of a bookkeeper (Austin Pendleton) with a knowledge of Cold War spies, Reese (Jim Caviezel) attempts to track down the killer before he can scratch off any more names off his hit list. His investigation is initially hindered, but later helped, by a member of German Intelligence (Lee Aaron Rosen) who knows the entire story.

Searching for a man who was trained in the dark arts of covert intelligence and assassination causes Reese to think back on his own past as the show delivers flashbacks to Reese early days as a spy learning the ropes from the woman (Annie Parisse) to took a highly trained soldier and turned him into so much more.

The episode has a couple of nice twists including the appearance of a daughter (Aubrey Dollar) the killer never knew he had. There’s also a prolonged torture sequence, which thankfully takes place mostly off-camera, as Reese attempts to hold back all he knows about the final name on the spy’s hit list. The use of flashbacks, the juxtaposition of Reese’s life and that of the killer, and the peek into Reese’s past is well-handled giving us one of the show’s better episodes.

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